Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hey guess what!
I am a Master Artisan!!!!
I am really excited.
After 23 hours of Cool-Down, and finding items! !
It's exciting!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Cards!

Hey! I've created New Cards! I am starting to accept offers. So if you need/want a new card. Here is what you need to fill out.

- What School
- What Spell.
- The Stats you want on it.
- What you want the " spell " to be called.
- And I need a picture of your wizard. Send via em@il. Here is the address to send it to.

- Here are a few that i've done.

Here is my Life (Jonathan WildVault)
Here is my Storm (Rogan DuskWhisper)
I almost did my Balance, but it's to sloppy.
Any ways.
here is my friend.
Dylan GoldBlood!!!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Story of " The Gift " part 1

This is my story about me and my friends
The Beginning

It was morning, early morning. Rogan just woke up from his sleep, dreaming that he was running from evil creatures. " Wake up Rogan!!! " " Give me 5 more minutes " " NO! GET UP NOW! " " Fine!" Rogan walks up to the dresser and get's ready for school, it's his first day of Storm Training. " Hello, class, I am your teacher Professor Balestrom, now here are some basic things to learn about storm or Divination!" Rogan dozes off into a deep deep sleep. " Wake up student. " Rogan eyes start opening seeing a frog in front of him making him wake up. " AHH! A frog! Who else sees this?! Am, I a crazy? What's going on!!!" Rogan zaps Professor with a bolt of lightning " ROGAN! ARE YOU CRAZY! " " No! No! Don't do anything, He has the gift. " All the student's turn to the back of the room looking at Rogans bedazzled face " The Gift ?" David StormFist and Rogan DuskWhisper please go outside and meet me.
" Hey! Rogan! What's up? " Victoria Walker said. " Nothing, Just my teacher said I had the "Gift" Victoria stopped moving she looked as if an Ice Student walked out and practiced a spell on her. " Wait, he said YOU had the gift?? " Victoria Walker said. " Yeah? What's wrong with that? " Rogan spoke in shock? " Well, " professor stopped her quickly and said. " Let's discuss this in my office" Rogan, Victoria, and David all walked over too the Storm Office and entered they felt this bolt come down from the roof, Rogan blocked the bolt with a wall of water. " He sure does have the gift" David said. Rogan looked at his hands and his eyes started getting huge. He saw a Storm Symbol on his hands that was recognized as the Chosen One. Professor asked Rogan to approach him and Rogan walked over to his desk. Professor told Rogan a new spell that Only the Chosen One can use. Rogan, repeated the spell and spinned in the circle of the Symbol on the Floor. A thing of Blue Mist with Lighting came out and covered all of the Spiral. Professor said to Rogan " YES! HE IS HE IS FINALLY HERE! " Headmaster Ambrose saw the Blue Mist and used his powers to try and take it down, but it wouldn't go away. " Why isn't it going away? " he thought to himself. " Wait! Is it true?, The Chosen One? Is Among Us?" He knew he was a Diviner since they are the Only One with the Blue Mist. He walked into the the Ravenwood Tunnel to see Professor walking out with 3 students. " What's going on Balestrom! " they all looked at Rogan and Ambrose knew that it was the Chosen One.
" Meet me back at my Office Immediately " Ambrose Said.
Rogan Walked with Victoria since she was already done with her work for the day. They both walked into the Office to see two desks " What's the desks for Head-Master Ambrose?" Victoria said. " They are for Rogan and you. See the chosen one can inhabit his body and can control anothers body " Head-Master Ambrose said. Rogan sat down and Head-master Ambrose said " Victoria I need you to sit down here in the Second desk " " What! No! NO! This is bad! " Victoria was stepping to the door as if she had seen a ghost or something.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey Everyone! Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile!

Hey! Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. But, I am going to send pictures of my wizard Jonatan and see the Progress!

He is in MooShu!
He is a level 36 almost 37 he is a Magus.
He is Life of course.
His Pet Princess Otis has the spell " Dragon-Blade "

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Updates

Hey everyone! I am here posting some new updates. Alright
Where should I begin?
Of course, who isn't excited. The Housing for the School Based houses, are now OUT!!!! Just go to the Crown Shop and then go to the Icon where there is a house.

-Balance ***
-Death ****
-Fire **
-Ice ****
-Life ****
-Storm ***
-Myth *****

(*- Poor )
(**- Fair)
(***- OK)
(*****-Best House)

And there is also a new update in the Wooded Cottage house, it's the circle in it is a Unicorn, it comes up about every 5-10 Minutes.

And Also, there is a new mount out, for a childs charity.
The "Meowmodon" or at least thats what I think it's called.
It has 30% Speed. It's a Black&White Bengel Tiger It's pretty cool looking.

Well. There aren't any new updates for now.
Well, It's CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!

Alright, have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Followers

Hey everyone
Here are some updates

-Wizard101 Housing is coming out soon!! It's going to be really exciting

- I've got a guide on the locations of Zeke quests on my You Tube page right now (Smith, and beetles at the moment, well only Smith right now i am still trying to upload beetles).

- And there coming out with a new Mount. It's a White and Black tiger, and it's speed is 30% for the same amount or less for a Benengel Tiger..

- I'm starting a new contest. I need 1,000 Subscribers on my You Tube channel, and 200 on here. And I'll pick a lucky winner to recieve a set of crowns!!! So hurry and subscribe. Here is a You Tube Link...

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Houses

Hey Everyone! This is the Test Realm opening for the New Realms. As always they give you 100,000 crowns to get you by and test out all of the houses
I've gathered some pictures.

Here is the Death House:

This is the Life House, its really pretty:

This is the Balance House:

This is the Myth House:

If you want to see Storm, Fire and Ice.
Go to youtube.
Then check my videos.
I have the Storm one.
Then go to heroboys channel, and look at the Ice and Fire houses.